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Dear parents,

Explaining complicated topics such as coeliac condition and gluten-free nutrition to children in a way that they can understand is no mean feat. We have put together a children's page in an attempt to support you in this. The most important aspects of coeliac condition are discussed and presented in such a way that children can easily understand and relate to them. We use games, stories, colouring pages and instructions for arts and crafts to help them to get to grips with the topic through play. However, it is important to us that the informative and educational aspect always remains in the foreground.

When preparing the individual chapters, we avoid providing complex and in-depth information. If you, as parents, have any more questions about any of the topics or would like any further information, then please visit us at You will find recipe suggestions with precise nutritional information for each of the recipes and useful tips on gluten-free cooking & baking, a great deal of helpful information on coeliac condition and gluten-free nutrition, tips and tricks for gluten-free daily life, comprehensive advice for people who have just been diagnosed and much more besides.


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Information for parents