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My kitchen ABC

Have you come across any words in my recipes that you don't know? Chefs use special terms for many things. I will explain the most important ones for you here. Then you can learn not only to cook but also the "language of the kitchen"!


Always be careful when salting! It is better to use too little salt than too much – you can always add salt later on!

Season to taste

This is when you add salt, pepper, spices and herbs to a dish until it tastes really yummy.

Separate eggs

This is nothing to do with the Easter Bunny, instead it is something that often needs to be done when making creams and mixtures. The yoke is separated from the white. You should do this by lightly tapping the egg on the rim of a container until it cracks. You should then carefully split it into two halves over a bowl. Then allow the egg white to run down into the bowl and place the yoke in a second bowl.


No, you don't have to frighten anybody! This is when you take some food (e.g. boiled pasta) out of hot water and pour cold water over it.


This is when you cook some food using only a small amount of liquid (either in its own juice or in a little bit of water). To do this, the hob should be turned to a low flame and the lid should be left on the pan!


This is when you use a sieve or strainer to separate solid food from any liquid. This is what you do e.g. after cooking pasta or when you remove pieces of fruit from a tin.

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