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My kitchen ABC

Have you come across any words in my recipes that you don't know? Chefs use special terms for many things. I will explain the most important ones for you here. Then you can learn not only to cook but also the "language of the kitchen"!


Every recipe should tell you how hot the oven should be. In our recipes, the baking temperature is always given in degrees celsius. The temperatures are correct for a normal electric oven. If you have a gas or fan oven at home (ask mummy!) then you should look at the following conversion table:

Eletric oven Gas oven Fan oven
160°C Gas mark 3 150°C
180°C Gas mark 4 160°C
200°C Gas mark 6 170°C
220°C Gas mark 7 180°C


…you should always call for an adult if you don't know what to do next. There should always be an adult around when you start cooking!

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