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My kitchen ABC

Have you come across any words in my recipes that you don't know? Chefs use special terms for many things. I will explain the most important ones for you here. Then you can learn not only to cook but also the "language of the kitchen"!

Candied fruits

These are fruits or chunks of fruit which have been placed in a thick sugar solution. This means that they can be kept for a long time. Candied fruits – in particular oranges (see also orange peel), lemons or cherries – are often used when cooking and decorating desserts, especially when it comes to Christmas baking.


This is the term used for a saucepan which is wider than it is high.

Cherry tomatoes

These are small tomatoes which you have probably seen somewhere in the supermarket. They taste a little bit sweet.

Coat with breadcrumbs

Meat, as well as fish and vegetables, is firstly salted and then coated in flour, followed by whisked egg and finally breadcrumbs. The whole thing is then fried in the pan. For example, escalopes are coated in breadcrumbs!

Cook "au gratin"

This is when a dish (for example a casserole or lasagne) is covered with a sauce and toasted for a short time in quite a hot oven. This makes a tasty, crunchy crust.


If you stir cream and blancmange as it is cooling this will stop a skin forming on the top (which you might find a bit disgusting).


This is nothing to do with crêpe paper that you use for arts and crafts – perhaps you already know this! It is the name given to wafer-thin omelettes which are filled with jam or chocolate cream and are reeeally tasty!

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