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All my comics

To make sure that you don’t miss any of my great adventures: I have collected all of the funny and exciting adventures, which I experienced together with my friend Billy, here. All you need to do is to click onto the desired comic, and you can immediately browse through to your heart’s content. Have fun!

A wonderful journey

They both want to make lots of new friends and see so many new places – Paris, London, Vienna - or even sail around the whole world on a sailboat. They decide to go to… - the excitement is rising – Prague.

The long journey

The woodland orchestra is going to Germany to give a jolly concert there. The cases are loaded and the train is ready to leave.

Milly‘s birthday

Milly‘s birthday

As Milly‘s birthday is just around the corner, she would like to organise a nice party. Schär is celebrating his thirtieth birthday this year.

The cicadas‘ treasure

They‘re always having parties in Milly‘s World; they never miss a chance to get together and have fun, play, laugh and eat together.

Ice Skating, What Fun!

It is winter. Milly‘s world is covered with snow and everyone is happy. This evening there is going to be a big party on the frozen pond.

Milly and the big thunderstorm

Thunder and lightning. The heavens open! It rains and rains. Will it ever stop?

Milly and the blueberry thieves

Milly comes out of the wood. It‘s sunny and she really wants to play. But who‘s that jumping through the meadow? Maybe it‘s…

The dragonflies‘ long slumber

Milly is a little dragonfly who needs to grow so she has left her village and is now looking for a little bed where she can doze away the long slumber of the dragonflies.

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