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Hello children!

Hello children!

Do you know me already? I am Milly, Schär's little blue dragonfly! I am gluten-intolerant and therefore know quite a bit about coeliac condition. Would you like to learn, play and do some crafts with me? Then come into my world! Ready, steady, go!

Find the gluten with Milly

Find the gluten with Milly

Hi kids! Remember me? I'm Milly! I need your help, our friends are in the woods and they're hungry! They need someone to bring them a gluten-free snack! Let's set off together and see if we can find anything to eat along the way. Don't forget to look out for the traps!

My new comic

A wonderful journey
They both want to make lots of new friends and see so many new places – Paris, London, Vienna - or even sail around the whole world on a sailboat. They decide to go to… - the excitement is rising – Prague.

Cooking is child's play!

Are you cooking today? Great! I have put together an extensive collection of tasty gluten-free recipes for you! And my tips and tricks will help ensure that everything goes to plan. As they say, there's nothing like rattling those pots and pans!

1001 Milly games for you

Do you like to play as much as I do? Then come into my world of games! Here you can do arts and crafts and play to your heart's content. And I am always by your side! Unpack your coloured pens and click on the link!

For all smart children

Because I know that smart children always ask a lot of questions, I have collected together all the information you should know about coeliac condition and gluten-free food, so that you can explain to your parents what it's all about…

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